Undergraduate Academic Program

There are 43 Program Tier One (S1) in the Green Campus University of Lampung (Unila). Entirely in eight faculties, namely the Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Medicine.


Study Program




Economic &  Bussiness Faculty

1 Economic development S1 Muhammad Husaini, S.E.M.Si
2 Management S1 Aida Sari, S.E.,M.Si.


Faculty of Law

1 Constitutional law S1 Yulia Neta.M, S.H., M.Si., M.H.
2 Civil law S1 Dr. Wahyu Sasongko, S H., M.H.
3 State Administration Law S1 Nurmayani, S.H., M.H.
4 Criminal law S1 Diah Gustiniati M., S.H., M.H.
5 International law S1 Abdul Muthalib Tahar, S.H.


Faculty of Pedagogy and Education

1 Mathematics Education S1 Dra. Nur Hanurawti, M.Pd
2 Science Education S1 Dr. Caswita, M.Si.
3 Physics Education S1 Dr.Hi. Agus Suyatna, M.Si
4 Chemistry Education S1 Dra. Noor Fadiawati
5 Biology Education S1 Pramudiyanti, M.Si.
6 Economic Education S1 Drs. Nurdin, M.Si
7 Pancasila and Civic Education S1 Drs. Holilulloh, M.Si
8 Social Science Education S1 Drs. Buchari Asyik, M. Si
9 History Education S1 Drs. Maskun, M. H.
10 Geography Education S1 Drs. Zulkarnain, M. Si
11 Education Language & Literature Indonesia and Regions S1 Drs. Khafie Nazaruddin, M.Hum
12 English Language Education S1 Prof. Dr. Cucu Sutarsyah, M.A.
13 Arts Drama, Dance & Music Education S1 Fitri Daryanti, S. Sn., M .Sn.
14 Physical , Health and Recreation Education S1 Drs. Wiyono, M.Pd
15 Guidance and Counseling S1 Drs. Yusmansyah, M. Si.
16 Primary Teacher Education S1 Dr. Darsono, M.Pd.


Faculty of Agriculture

1 Agroecotechnology S1 Dr. Kuswanta Futas Hidayat
2 agribusiness S1 Dr. Ir. R. Hanung Ismono, M.P.
3 Agricultural Technology S1 Ir. Susilawati, M.S.
4 Animal Husbandry S1 Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhtarudin, M.S.
5 Agricultural Engineering S1 Dr. Ir. Agus Haryanto, M.P.
6 Forestry S1 Agus Setyawan, S.P., M.P
7 Aquaculture S1 Ir. Siti Hudaidah, M.Sc.


Faculty of Engineering

1 Civil Engineering S1 Ir. Idharmahadi Adha, M.T.
2 Mechanical Engineering S1 Harmen, S.T.,M.T.
3 Electrical Engineering S1 Agus Trisanto, S.T.,M.T.,Ph.D
4 Chemical Engineering S1 Panca Nugrahini F.N, S.T., M.T
5 Geophysical Engineering S1 Bagus Sapto Mulyatno, S.Si., M.T.


faculty of Social Science and Political Science

1 Sociology S1 Drs. Susetyo, M.Si.
2 Public Administration S1 Drs. Aman Toto Dwijono, M.H.
3 Communication Studies S1 Drs. Teguh Budi Raharjo, M.Si.
4 State Administration S1 Rahayu Sulistiowati, S.Sos. M.Si
5 Business Administration S1 Dr. Suripto,S.Sos.,M.A.B.


Faculty of Mathematic and social science

1 Chemical S1 Andi Setiawan, M.Sc., Ph.D
2 Biology S1 Nuning Nurcahyani, Dra., M.Sc.
3 Mathematics S1 Tiryono, M.Sc., Ph.D.
4 Computer Science S1 Machudor Yusman, Ir., M.Kom.
5 Physics S1 Dr. Yanti Yulianti


Faculty of medicine

1 Medical education S1 Dr. Muhartono, M.Kes, Sp.Pa