General Facilities

Gedung Serba Guna (Multipurpose Building/GSG)

GSG is used for various activities, including public lectures, graduation activities, sports, and other activities, especially by students of the University of Lampung.

In addition, the building is authorized also for use by other educational institutions and even the general public under certain requirements.


Student Activity Center Building (PKM)

Student Activity Center Building is used for the students in organizing intra-university for both technology and art. In this building we can find the Office of Student Council of the University of Lampung, Scouts, Student Cooperative, and the student regiment. Variety of artistic activities and exhibitions, for example philately is also held in this building.


Sports facilities

To train students in the field of sports, various sports facilities is owned by Unila. The sports facilities include: swimming pool, soccer field, tennis courts, volleyball, field hockey, and judo building. By having those sports facilities, Unila expects to produce athletes who can compete in nationally and internationally sport events.


Post Office

The University of Lampung has students from various regions and the existence of the post office in this university hopefully can help the students to keep in touch with their family. In addition, it is also realized that the University of Lampung is getting better every time and consequently, Unila requires postal services. Because of that reason, Unila gave the permission to the post office to have buildings in a campus environment.


BNI Branch Office Unila

Bank services are needed by the University of Lampung and community. Therefore BNI is allowed to open a Branch Office in Unila campus. The bank is also needed to facilitate financial traffic both for Unila, faculties, and students.



Unila runs a guesthouse for the lecturer, or people associated to the University of Lampung. This guesthouse is mainly used for lecturers from other universities attending events at the University of Lampung, including seminars, workshop, as well as other activities. This guesthouse can also be used by others in need



As a media for training in business for students, Student Cooperative located in Student Activities Building (PKM) is helpful for students to meet the needs of lectures, such as, books, photocopy services, computer rentals, and a variety of other needs. Beside that, there is another coop namely KPN Bina Dharma Lampung University which also located in this building. This coop serves the needs of employees and students.

To help the purposes of lunch for students and employees, Dharma Wanita of the University of Lampung runs cafeteria and canteen in Building Student Activities Center.


Al-Wasi’I Mosque

Magnificent mosque is intended to enhance the spiritual development for the campus community including lecturers, students, as well as the surrounding community. The mosque is organized by lecturers, students, and employees. Various religious activities both aimed at academic society and the general public are held frequently.



This Kindergarten is to accommodate the children of lecturers and university employees to get good education in order to educate Lampung and the Nation.


Parking area

With the high number of staff and students, it is really inevitable that the University of Lampung needs a parking space . Safe parking place protected by trees is widely available in a variety of work units. For motorcycle, parking area is provided separately to maintain the security.


Transportation to the University of Lampung

The University of Lampung can be reached easily by a variety of public transports, buses, taxis, and private vehicles. A provincial terminal close to the University of Lampung is a bus terminal Rajabasa. From this terminal, we can directly take a public transportation to go to university of Lampung or by walking.