Unila has determined to build both Unila and the Nation all together. With this determination, in the Long Term Development Plan (RPJP) Unila 2005-2025 Unila has defined its vision:

“Unila aspires to be among the Top Ten University in Indonesia by 2025”

In line with the mission of National Education Development and the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Unila has set its missions in RPJP years 2005-2025, as follows:

Missions of the University of Lampung:

As stated in RPJP 2005-2015 and Strategic Plan 2007-2011, Unila’s mission statements are:

  1. To organize a relevant and good quality of Tri Dharma (University’s Three Obligations) which includes Education, Research and Community Service
  2. To administer a good university governance
  3. To guarantee accessibility and equity of higher education
  4. To develop cooperation with various parties inside and outside the country

To realize its vision and missions, Unila is committed to the following purposes.

Purposes of the University of Lampung:

  1. a. To actualize qualified and highly competitive graduates with immediate acceptance by labor market and capability to create jobs for themselves and others;
    b. To produce new/excellent science and technology published in accredited journals inside and outside the country as well as patented research ;
    c. To increase society’s competitiveness and welfare through innovative and qualified community service based on new/excellent science and technology.
  2. To improve organizational management in academic, finance and human resources toward good governance university;
  3. To expand people’s accessibility to gain higher education from Unila;
  4. To increase cooperation with central government, provinces, regencies, municipalities, industries, non-governmental organizations, and other stake-holders inside and outside the country.

Having the optimism to deliver benefits to the Nation, the entire family of Unila unites to realize the vision and missions.