Unila Applied The Academic Information System (SIAKAD) Version 6.0

Unila Applied The Academic Information System (SIAKAD) Version 6.0

(Unila): The Technical Implementation Unit of Information and Communication Technology (UPT TIK) led by Dr. Ing. Ardian Ulva socialized the initial application of the Academic Information System (Siakad) version 6.0.

The socialization that took place in the senate courtroom of the University of Lampung (Unila) witnessed by the rector, the vice-rectors, and other Unila policymakers, Monday (2/12/2019).

Reflecting on the previous system shortage, Ardian explained, the Siakad version 6.0  will be available for the next semester.

He said there are many advantages to this system, especially in terms of service management at the university. Further, Siakad version 6.0 can provide monitoring access to the implementation of lectures to the leaders, which will support ease in accessing the data for accreditation assessment.

Besides, Siakad 6.0 allows convenience integrated data and produces reports that are useful in decision making. It also can improve the services of lecturers and staff in lecture management to the implementation of graduation management.

Ardian also revealed, Siakad sometimes encountered a problem of asynchronous data of alumni and active students as occurred from the year of 2000 to 2018. To overcome this, Siakad 6.0 will answer this challenge and maximize the role of faculties, especially study programs, in providing signals when managing the Siakad.

By this, Ardian conveyed that the role of Siakad 6.0 can synchronize the numbering of national diploma at the Ministry of Research and Technology and is also available in the mobile application feature.

“UPT TIK has been migrating the data from the old Siakad to Siakad version 6.0. In the odd semester of 2020, this system will be officially ready,” stated Ardian. [PR Team]