BPPMB Develops New Student Admission System Part I

BPPMB Develops New Student Admission System Part I

(Unila): Student Admissions Office (BPPMB) of the University of Lampung (Unila) held socialization and promotion of the 2020 New Student Admission System Part I, Friday (6/12/19).

The activity took place in the Bukit Randu Hall. Head and secretaries of MKKS for high school/ vocational high school, as well as MKKM/ MA regencies/ cities in Lampung, attended the event.

Unlike the preceding term, the implementation of the new student admissions in 2020 will be more advanced. Previously, it was carried out at the beginning of each year, but soon to be held at the end of the year.

By 2020, the test will be carried out within a single week and will not have any second term as before. Participants may only sit one SBMPTN exam while in the SNMPTN administration has nothing changed.

Moneyzar, Head of BPPMB Unila, emphasized that the center no longer determined the ranking but the school itself who does. Specifically, at Unila, there are several new student admission programs known, for example, Simanila Parallel/ Non-Regular Program. [PR Team]