Unila Held IICIS

Unila Held IICIS

(Unila): Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lampung (FISIP Unila) held the opening ceremony of the International Indonesia Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies (IICIS) entitled “State and Digital Society” at Novotel Hotel Bandarlampung on Sunday (9/09/2018) evening.

The Chair of The Organizing Committee Dr. Unang Mulkan explained, this activity focused on discussing digital technology issues by presenting several international speakers. The issues are associated with various aspects such as social, cultural, economic, business, and politic.

He also added, the opening ceremony of the IICIS event contained several series of activities, namely the plenary session which presented by 3 speakers from Australia, Germany and Malaysia. Then the plenary session was filled with two international speakers from Australia and Croatia.

“We have received 120 abstracts and this is the requirement for attending this conference. Furthermore, from the 120 abstracts that were submitted, we selected according to the theme to be 75 abstracts to be divided into five sub-themes, “he explained.

On the same occasion Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Bujang Rahman when being interviewed revealed that this international conference was one of the opening series of the 53rd Anniversary of Unila.

He said, the purpose of the implementation of IICIS is to invite researchers and academicians to open their mindset that a program can no longer be approached in a partial way, but must be comprehensive, namely by various interdisciplinaries approaches.

“The implementation of this seminar is trying to dissect the mindset of the policy makers, the development actors who are still partially monodisciplinary, now we invite to a comprehensive pattern,” he explained.

Bujang Rahman believes that IICIS is a strategic step for researchers and academicians to share experiences about science for better progress.[Humas]